XData provoque an access violation if you try to use LiveBindings Wizard.

On my machine with Delphi 11 with update 1. When I try to use the IDE Livebindings Wizard, I get an access violation.

It does not happen when I uninstall XData. The XData version is


We had a single report about this issue back in September 2021, with another customer, via e-mail. This is the answer we provided to him after many interactions. If you think your scenario is different, please provide very detailed information about the issue.

I’m afraid you hit a Delphi bug. It’s not for the lack of effort from our side. Actually we spent many hours trying to trace the origin of this bug, with no success.

We couldn’t identify any part of XData source code that could cause this, and we even tried many trial and error approach with no success. The error seems to appear and disappear as we modify the XData code with apparent no relation with the error.

Also, if you uncheck XData package, you see that the error is gone. If you then check (enable) the XData package again, the error doesn’t appear again (?!). You can even use it as a workaround for now, until we wait for Update 1 and see if they solve this issue.

Thank you for the answer. Will use the work around in the meantime. I wish there were a way to put the IDE in a debug mode to try to find where the problem is.

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You can debug the Delphi IDE: Debugging the RAD Studio IDE – Andy's Blog and Tools.
But we did that already, the call stack doesn't give any hints, it looks like it's only Delphi code involved and not much could be inferred from it.