XData FireDAC Sql Demo


How can I change the server demo to support CORS?



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Add the CORS middleware:



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Thanks. I'm fully aware of how to this and use it in other products however the demo I stated is different. Did you look at it?

In actual fact the TMS Web client project of this demo no longer connects using Web Core 1.8 wheras the VCL version does.

Right-click the TXDataServer and choose "Manage middleware list..." option. It's described here: Design-Time Components | TMS Sparkle documentation.

I don't see any issues with the FireDAC SQL demo here with latest versions. I can run the server and both VCL and WEB client flawlessly.

Sorry, I missed about being able to right click it in the documentation. Appologies to Anderson if that is what he meant.

Also after a reboot the demo is now running fine.