XData cannot compile E2034 Too many actual parameters

Xdata package cannot compile due to the following error:

[dcc32 Error] XData.Aurelius.ModelBuilder.pas(907): E2034 Too many actual parameters
[dcc32 Fatal Error] XData.Aurelius.Model.pas(316): F2063 Could not compile used unit 'XData.Aurelius.ModelBuilder.pas'

There is a third parameter in the call to TryStringToGuid
TBclUtils.TryStringToGuid(VarToStr(DeclaredValue), DefaultGuid, True)

whilst the function definition in unit Bcl.Utils contains only two parameters:

class function TBclUtils.TryStringToGuid(const Value: string;
out Guid: TGuid): boolean;

so there is a mismatch.

It's either unit Bcl.Utils wrong or XData.Aurelius.ModelBuilder.pas.

The time stamp on TMS XData\source\core\XData.Aurelius.ModelBuilder.pas is 2023-02-01 19:09 and the file size is 29674
The time stamp on TMS BIZ Core Library\source\core\common\Bcl.Utils.pas is 2022-12-30 and the file size is 46273

TMS Business Core Library ver.
TMS XData ver

Yes, your TMS BCL is not updated to the latest version. Please make sure you uninstall existing packages and clean up any old files, download the new installers and install it again.

It works okay now - but I had to download the biz core library manually - for some reson the tms subscription manager kept installing the older version... Anyway all works like a charm now.
Thanks for a quick response.
Kind regards

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