XData as turnkey RadServer replacement

Any plans to enhance XData to have more built in features like in RADServer? 

Built-in features like:

1) user management
2) out of the box OAuth, JWT and other modern authentication
3) load-balancing between multiple XData servers
4) web-based management console


Hello Laurence,

In short, yes, it's in our todo list to add more and more features as usual (you can see here https://download.tmssoftware.com/business/xdata/doc/web/whats_new.html how XData is heavily active, not to mention its product "brothers", TMS Sparkle and TMS Aurelius).

Having said that, you have to take into account that XData is a framework, which includes full source code and is royalty-free. You are free to do whatever you want with it. RAD Server is a closed tool that you install and use, without source code, and you have to license for every deploy you do. 

With XData you can do already all that above, without restrictions. User management is easy to implement, especially with TMS Aurelius - and you are not stuck to a specific table structure or a specific database (Interbase). JWT is supported. I wouldn't recommend using XData (or RAD Server) to load-balance itself. XData is stateless and should be behind a load balancer, there are a gazillion of free and proven load-balancers out there, just pick one and use, and launch as many XData servers you wish behind it.

With XData you have full source code, full freedom on the architecture you wish, and full freedom to evolve your product and adopt the latest technologies (that will still come) with it.

Thanks Wagner. The advantages of XData is clear.

It will be good to have a complete RadServer replacement as an example, demo or even a wizard to allow developers a quick start rather than for everyone to build one from scratch.

Basically - it would be a good to have a ready to run server with all the basics of user management, security, etc all built in. We can then just focus on implementing the REST end points.

Noted on the load-balancer advise.


Thanks Laurence. But yes, we have that in mind, stay tuned for constant improvements. A new version has been released today with more interesting features in both XData and Aurelius (flexible routing and batch updates)!