Xdata as Internet Payment Gateway


I was using RemoteDB in my App's (iOS/Android) devices since 2019, it works like a charm, but right now I'm programming Services with XData, my idea is that my App's communicate with the RemoteDB and now XData both compiled as one Windows Application.

I already integrate Xdata to my old RemoteDB Windows Application it was very easy with latest version, my question is: once Service programmed into Xdata is multithread???

Because I will have a lot of concurrent users connected with his iOS/Android App's, so the idea is process payments trought an Internet Payment Gateway, the core of processing and business logic will be coded into the RemoteDB/XData Windows Application.


Service operations must be thread-safe, because they can be executed in multiple threads. 

We cannot control what you do in the service operation, so it's up to you.
Of course, all the XData builtin mechanism is thread-safe, it was built for that. Maybe you should ask a more specific question, it's hard to answer a generic question like this.

In summary, XData is supposed to handle multiple requests simultaneously, yes. But if you add non-safe code, it will crash of course.