Xaxis on mixed Chart Type Pane

I am creating a Chart with 6 series in it using Delphi.

Percentiles of Weight by Age (Through ages 2-20)
Series 1-5 are Y values of weight in pounds (float), X values of Years of Age calculated at the database level. (integer) XY line chart type  (fixed # of points at 218)
Individual's Weight
Series 6 is Y values of weight in pounds (float), X values of Years of Age when Weight was Taken calculated at the database level (integer) Marker chart type (indeterminate # of points)
I am able to properly align the Y axis and have the markers plot properly within and around the Percentile lines.
The X axis is the problem. I have tried many different configurations of ranges and or which series' xaxis values are visible.
The X axis consistantly counts by the number of values there are in the Percentile entries. 218. So the percentile lines X axis text at the bottom goes from 0 - 218.
I am adding the percentiles using:
and similarly for the Individual's Weight.
Goal is to have the X axis strings to read in Years and the percentiles only visible from 2-20 years.
I can zip up and send a test application if need be. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Mark Knight

I was expecting a little more support on this forum that I have ever recieved

Please send us your test sample, so we can investigate this here

Test application is located at:

Thank you for your time

We are unable to compile/open this here, the frmTest.pas file is missing. Please provide a full working test project so we can investigate this here.

Kind Regards, 
Scheldeman Pieter

I apologize for the error. The corrected project has been placed in the same location.


Dear Mr. Knight, 

For XY charttypes your series must be of type ctXYLine and ctXYMarker. Then the values must be added with the AddSingleXYPoint instead of the AddSinglePoint.

I have modified your sample and can be found on this location: http://www.tmssoftware.net/public/TestProj.zip

You will notice that all values no fall between 2-20 on the X-Axis.

Kind Regards, 
Scheldeman Pieter

Pieter Scheldeman2011-10-14 02:49:12