X, Y location of AdvTaskDialog

I am familiar with AdvTaskMessageDlgPos('', 'Logout', mtConfirmation, mbYesNo, 0, 800, Top + 20);

However, I would like to know how to Position the following:

  with AdvTaskDialogLogout do
    Title := 'Log out';
    Icon := tiQuestion;
    CustomButtons.Add('Log out now');
    CustomButtons.Add('Don''t log out');
    DefaultButton := 101;
    Instruction := 'Log out now?';
    Content := 'Be sure to save before logging out.';

    Options := [doCommandLinks];
  intButtonClicked := AdvTaskDialogLogout.Execute;

Create a class descending from TAdvTaskDialog where you set NonNativeDialog to nndAlways and move the function ExecutePos()  from protected to public and you can call it at application level then with X,Y coordinates.

OK. Thanks.

In the future, can this be a part of the standard component? So, all one would need to do is specify the X, Y values?

I ask because I have noted that users prefer to see the dialog boxes near the buttons they click and not the center of the screen. The xPos is really great. 

It is not generally exposed because the Microsoft Windows API task dialog does not feature specifying the position. It is only our non-native version that can do positioning.