WX PDFViewer crash with IDE Run (F9)

Delphi 11 Pro FR + TMS Component up to date
I get crash with WX PDF Viewer when running app from IDE with F9 key

But once build win32 release or debug EXE seems running fine.

I'm trying TMS Demo app as FMX mode and VCL mode.

I installed x64 Edge Viewer (WebView2 - Microsoft Edge Developer) and build app as Windows x64 and in this case web Edge viewer dll isn't found

I guess it seems linked to edge viewer but without understanding why through IDE x86 app crash (CPU tab displayed in IDE)

As it's first time I'm trying to use this component I don't know if it's release regression or not.
Please can you check if I have to look into my context or not?

I found way to solve my issue

  • uninstall all webview elements from system
  • install webview from WebView2 - Microsoft Edge Developer with Evergreen Bootstrapper mode (it install x64 on my windows 10 x64)
  • put Embacardero Redist x64 webview DLL WebView2Loader.dll from Embarcadero from C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\Redist\win64\WebView2Loader.dll into my Delphi built x64 app

Once done, x64 app starts fine in IDE and direct exe launch
I wonder how to process to distribute such app, probably to deploy on system WebView2 package in plus of Exe and DLL.


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