Wub Update Wizard


Couple of questions. I am using your UpdateBuilder application to create the CAB.

Where here is the best place to delete the CAB after updating?

I have several files in the CAB. All are mandatory but the page for selecting the files is still shown. Is there any way of removing this?

Any way of wrapping the content in the new version and license files?



We do not delete files.

It is a principle that our code does not delete files. This way, we cannot delete files unwanted.
The safe & correct place to delete such file is from the updated application code. This way, you have a guarantee the application was successfully updated and thus the CAB file can be safely deleted.

With UpdateBuilder you can wrap any additional application related content you want and TWebUpdate will unpack this.

Bruno Fierens2020-06-15 14:59:05

Thanks, that makes sense. Could you please answer the 2nd and 3rd questions?

If you use the wizard, the file selection page will be shown.

I'm not sure what you mean with: "wrapping the content in the new version and license files?"
You can put any additional information like license file in a CAB for updating for example.