Wrong Focus on InPlaceComboEdit


i have a problem with a tDbAdvGrid.
The Grid is connected to a AdoDatasource.
I have on Col where i want to change the data in my Dataset via a ComboEdit Field.
When i click onto the DropDown Button, the ComboItems are shown correctly, but the Focus of the Grid skips to the first Row or to the Row, which got Focus last.
So when i click into the Row and then onto the DropDown Button it works. It changes the Values in my Dataset and everything but when i click directly onto a DropDown Button in a Row, which haven't Focus, the Data isn't changed and the Grid changes in mysterious ways. 
When i only use my Arrow Keys to navigate through the Grid onto the DropDown Field and use Enter to start the InPlaceEdit it works also. 
It's like the Cell doesn't get Focus when i click onto the DropDown Button.
I installed the newest release of the Components today.
Hope u have a Workaround or something else to fix this issue.

Many Thanks

How exactly can we reproduce this?
I retested this here with the ADOLookup demo that uses a combobox for the country column but I cannot see the described effect in this demo. What are you doing different from this demo?

Needs to have grid.ControlLook.DropDownAlwaysVisible set to False.  This way the combos's drop down button will only be accessible for the currently active record.