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I have a problem with the wrapper component. I have a form with a Tableview set to alLeftMost and a Wrapper component set to alClient. When I run the project the content of the form that should be displayed in the wrapper is not shown to the right of the tableview but on top of it (the tableview is visible underneath the form in the wrapper)

I use only native components

Is this a bug or did I miss a property setting?

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We cannot reproduce this here. 
You can download our test project here:

Please inform what you do different from this demo.

I know - and the demo works. I just created a small test project which shows you the problem. As far as I can see I do not make anything different from your demo

Thanks for your support

As explained by email, the FMX wrapper is only usable for non-native controls

That is why it is an FMX wrapper

Then a better name would be NonNativeWrapper as the ICL components all contain the FMX in their name.

Plus the statement on the iCL page

is slightly misleading. Maybe a wording of

display a separate form with non-native FMX controls as a subview

would be more appropriate.

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We have investigated this here and have applied some modifications in order to make it work with native-controls as well, the next update (v1.2) will have this included. We have tested your sample, and the controls now display correctly inside the FMX Wrapper, if the wrapper is directly placed on the main form.

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Cool - you're the best.

Big thank you for really extraordinary support

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