Working with larger pages

How do you recommend working with pages larger than "a screen"?

Scrollable content like an article, for example.

What specific issues do you encounter with that?

If you look at our sample of WebTableControl , this expands in length as the table is filled causing pages to vertically scroll.
So, if the HTML on your page causes vertical scrolling, it will just allow you to scroll like any other HTML page.

Not an issue, more of a workflow question.

For static content that is larger than the form is tall, is there a decent way of dealing with it or should I just make it dynamically generated?

I'm not sure how to understand your question.
There is not really a concept of a form size to browser window size. The browser window determines the form size at runtime and if there is content taller than browser window size, it will scroll.
You can generate from TMS WEB Core content that is as tall as you want and the browser window will deal with the scrolling automatically.

We have a couple of pages that are larger than screen size, especially when viewed on a phone. We handle it as follows:

  • Use TWebScrollBox as a container for the whole page. We set the scroll property to be vertical only.
  • Inside this, we put a TWebResponsiveGridPanel that responsively positions the page elements.
When the responsive design by the TWebResponsiveGridPanel component is configured correctly and it works the way we want, then there is no horizontal scrolling needed at all. All that remains is vertical scrolling that is provided by the TWebScrollBox component.
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