workFlow SQL Statement


i need  to first sql Statement 'Get'
SELECT [reciptid] = OLDID FROM Customers WHERE(CustID = 1)
[reciptid] =  SELECT OLDID FROM Customers WHERE(CustID = 1)

And Next SQL Statement 'SET'    

UPDATE       Customers  SET    Address =[ReciptID]    WHERE        (CustID = 1)

Error during workflow execution. Workflow instance finished.

Error message: "Incorrect syntax near '='"

Information about the block which caused the error:
Type: TWorkflowDatabaseBlock
Name: WorkflowDatabaseBlock1

TWorkflowDatabaseBlock doesn't set variable values. It just executes an SQL statement. If you want to execute a SELECT statement and retrieve the value to a variable, then unfortunately you would have to do it from a Script block.

Couldn't you just do this?

UPDATE       Customers  SET    Address = OLDID    WHERE        (CustID = 1)

thanks, for Help 
i need get a amount  From My Data Base AND Set it to variable in Workflow and
 use variable  on Condition

Then in this case you would have to do it manually indeed, unfortunately.