wordwrap problem


I have a DBadvgrid with these settings:
wordwrap = true
pagemode = true
DBAdvGrid1.AutoSizeRows(false,4) after opening the dataset.

The field of the dataset are integer and varchar(250), thus I want the varchar field to be displayed in 2-3 rows.

It seems to work good, but there is a strange behavior when i use a DBnavigator:

I click to the <last button> of the DBnavigator: display is ok
I scroll up about 10-15 rows with the mouse: display is ok

Now I click on <first button> of the DBnavigator: display shows the 10 first rows and not fill all the grid ?

Are there another settings to enable or disable to avoid this ?
I think the problem comes from the "autosizerows" function ?


When you say it only shows the first 10 rows, does this mean the nr. of rows is incorrect or the row height isn't matching?


After the 10 lines, there are 2 or 3 empty lines wich have different height.
If I scroll again to the bottom, the scrolling is ok and the display of the data is ok.
Just that is not very beautiful ?