we are in exploring using WEB Core within Wordpress and got already quite far, accessing a RemObjects-Server (Data we try soon). Apart form some other solvable problems we have one concerning WEB Core. We show the  web core form inside a div on the Wordpress post. This works well, but we get the message in the background, that the "template"XXXwebform. HTML is not accessible (which is true because we do not have it on the Wordpress server and we don't need it either.

Is there a way to suppress that message?


Can you perhaps contact us by direct email and provide an URL where we can see the URL and also some information how exactly you create the form or how you integrate the app in Wordpress?

haven't been able to incorporate a TMS Web Core application into my Wordpress site.
Could anyone provide a "cookbook", please?
Thanks for the help!

We haven't done this ourselves as we do not use Wordpress here but apparently other users could successfully integrate. I believe you basically need to deploy the TMS WEB Core application .HTML/JS files. To be able to deploy .js files on WordPress, afaik you need a paid account though.