Wizard Control Component Request

I think you can make a component like CodeBot "Step Control"component ( http://www.codebot.org/delphi/?doc=9531 )
We should be able to select images (Arrow like, Circle like,...) , text formatting, etc...
Samples can be found below for just how this component can be shown visually.. (I just collected these images from GraphicsRiver site - All these goodies are prepared with JQuery and just for demonstration what i throught)

That's an interesting suggestion. We'll discuss this here whether we can add this to our products. Thanks for your feedback!

For a small peek into the TMSSoftware labs, we are currently developing a new component based on your suggestions:

That's great! Very useful for wizards and application descriptions. I just hope you will add many different styles like shown above.

We will implement as many styles as possible.

Second style implemented based on GDIPFill:

When is this component gonna be released? It will be part of Smooth or Component pack?

It will be part of both. No fixed ETA yet.

Wow this looks awesome and I would definitely have a use for such a component in my current project. Do you have as yet any ETA on this?

Are you excepting Beta Testers?

This new component will be available with the next release of the TMS Smooth Controls Pack, planned for tomorrow, and the next release of the TMS Component Pack, planned for Jan 22.

That is great news. Thank you very much.