why i can use strutils.containsText function ?

Hi , i have the following code and included System.StrUtils,

why in my delphi code , i have the following code but cannot compile and it said
identifier not found"ContainsText" ? bugs?

   _isDisplay := 
     ContainsText( UpperCase(_type),'ANNUAL' ) or ContainsText( UpperCase(_type), 'LEGAL') ;

please advice , thanks.

This function was not yet ported to the pas2js RTL.
We've added this on the todolist.

if i wish to do that now, is there any where to do it ?

You would need to write that function yourself in unit strutils.pas in folder Core Source\RTL

We can confirm this will be included in the next release.
Bruno Fierens2019-02-18 22:51:12

that is really great news. cheers TMS Webcore !