why 1 + 2 = 12 ?

Hi , 

i have a simple code as follow ,

procedure add_to_selection( act_type, doc_type , your_ref , our_ref ,id ,item_desc :string ; qty:integer );
var _no_selected_item ,_qty :integer ;
   if  (qty <= 0) then
          DMConnection.show_toast_message('Warning ,no quantity selected for this item !');

   if DMConnection.tableSelection.Locate('id', StrToInt( id ) ,[] ) then begin
         _qty := DMConnection.tableSelection.fieldbyname('qty').asInteger ;
         _qty := _qty + qty ;
         DMConnection.tableSelection.fieldbyname('qty').asstring  := inttostr( _qty );

end ;

the qty of the tableSelection is original 1 , then we add qty 2 of the same product ,
but after call the procedure , the table tableSelection field qty become 12 ? 
it treated qty as string ? please advice .


no sure this help for you to explain , refer to the image , 



I cannot reproduce this

procedure TForm1.WebButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
  qty: integer;
  _qty: integer;
  qty := 2;
  _qty := 1;
  _qty := _qty + qty;

I'd suggest to step through the code to see where something goes wrong.

thanks , got it , it is pretty confusing , but here is what i found , 

in my ASM block , i passed a string integer that call $mod.myprocedure( _str_integer ) 
which in my Delphi code , the procedure myprocedure( qty :integer ) ; where the 
delphi procedure which has compiled to JS , will not be able to differentiate the integer
from string !  (so in a way , i need to make sure that if it is a integer string by using parseint() in
JS , in order to make it work ? 

just a thought , will TMS.Webcore be able to consider do the call of parseint() automatically when it transpile the delphi code into JS , since the delphi has defined that the parameter is integer , if it detect that the param passed is not integer will be able to catch exception and provide a closer feel of delphi code style ?


I believe the goal and preferred approach is to avoid ASM blocks. ASM blocks bring the non-typed JavaScript issues back that Pascal doesn't have, when wanting to use ASM blocks, care for types should be handled there.