Which iPhone control will display an HTML page

I am programmatically building an HTML page that contains an HTML table 50 columns x 50 rows.  The whole thing is contained in memory and I want to render it to an iPhone Region.

- Which control do I use to display the grid?  I want the user to be able to scroll both horizontally and vertically.  It would be nice if the column headers were locked in place at the top while the user scrolls, but in this context, it's not mandatory.  Do I need a IPhone Scrollable Region?  If so, is there an example I can look at?

- In some circumstances, I'll need to save the HTML file to disk and display it inside an iPhone region/scrollable region.  Where (What folder and what ServerController property) do I save the temporary HTML file, and again, which control will display it as an HTML page?

I've used the TIWMemo, and it will display text, however, the iPhone displays it always as plain text, and not an HTML page, so my HTML tags are displayed as the literal text of the tag, and not the HTML representation of the tag.  Same problem as above I guess.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

  • Have you considered using an IWGrid or TIWAdvWebGrid (from the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack) control instead of manually generating the HTML table?

    - Have you tried using a TIWHTMLLabel (included in the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack) instead of an IWMemo control to display the HTML code?

    - The TMS IW iPhone controls pack contains a TIWiPhoneScrollRegion which acts as a scrollable region for iOS Safari.
    For an example, please have a look at the iPad Demo included with the product download.