Where is TAdvGridExcelImport / Export gone?

My application performs these steps:

  1. fill some data into a TAdvGridWorkbook.
  2. Transfer the data to a TXlsFile
  3. manipulate the data of the TXlsFile (should not be visible in the TAdvGridWorkbook)
  4. Save everything as a xlsx-File

I did step 2 with TAdvGridExcelExport.Export(TXlsFile). But since I updated FlexCel the TAdvGridExcelExport is missing. Isn't this part of FlexCel any more? How can this task be done?

Must I save the workbook as xls-File (via TGridExcelIO) and re-open it with TXlsFile?



TAdvGridExcelExport has always been a separate component, it was never part of FlexCel itself (because you might want to use FlexCel but not have TAdvStringGrid).

You need to:

1)Install FlexCel
2)Install TAdvStringGrid.
3)After both above are installed, install the Grid Filters from http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/advgridfilters.asp which includes TAdvGridExcelExport

OK, now it works again.
What is most stupid: I must have done this before but just could not remember any more.

So thanks a lot!