Where can I find an example of how "IND" works in HTML?

<P indent="value"> or <IND x="indent">
See also Mini HTML reference: https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/minihtml.asp
In the RichEditor. Something like tabs. Then exportable as HTML.to my database.
I tried all possible demos, but nowhere did I achieve the desired response.
I also tried it through the AdvRichEditorHTMLIO and AdvRichEditorMiniHTMLIO component.
Without success. Except THTMLabel. That component seems to display the correct results. In the sense of a Mini HTML guide.

OK these two components

  • THTMLabel
  • THTMLHint

are compatible in terms of the "Mini HTML Reference".
(Content was inserted as plain HTML text.)
That's enough for me for now.

Hint composed from a database

THTMLHint for testing purposes (static) & THTMLLabel in the background ( db )

The IND attribute is a specific mini HTML attribute and not in common HTML. Hence it isn't supported in TAdvRichEditor.