When we call IDEScripter1.SaveCompiledCode


What happens when we call the function IDEScripter1.SaveCompiledCode if the user created project has multiple Forms and Modules?

Will it compile all the forms and modules and save in one single file or what?




Unfortunately the Help file as well as online help does not mention anything about this function (SaveCompiledCode)

That property is deprecated and should not be used.

Thanks for the reply.

But other part of my post remains unanswered....I will rephrase it here again:

How compile all the forms and modules and save in one single file? Is this possible?

If not then how to Enumerate all the files associated with a project and compile them & then save them in compiled form?

Please explain...



It's not possible to save in a single file. You can alternatively saye the files in a different storage, like database. This is explained here: 


As for your second question:


Wagner R. Landgraf2017-07-18 16:59:48

Thanks for the links.

As per the FAQ you pointed to me, this mean that we should know as to which language is used in the compiled script at time of loading.

Does the form get compiled or do we have to provide form file along with compiled script for it to run properly?



Wagner R. Landgraf2017-07-18 17:00:02

You have to provide the form file. You need to pass a language to create a new script object, but since you are loading the compiled code, the language is just ignored (because there is no source to be compiled). But you can always save the compiled code to a file with an extension that let you know what is the original language of the script.