When to call UpdateDatabase? Can be in a separate thread?

Usually a change in the table structure can cause a significant delay in InnoDB tables as the table is copied after a field is added for example.
Can I call updateDatabase after adding a TXDataServerModule and have started the server?
Is is possible to update the TMappingExplorer.DefaultInstance used by TXDataServerModule without restarting the server?
My main problem is mainly when inprocess server is used.
Thank you

That is possible, but I didn't understand why this is important to you?

No, that's not safe. For performance purposes, XData caches lots of information from the mapping explorer, and change it with the server running will not work.

My problem is that the in-process server takes 1-2 minutes sometime to update the database when the program starts. I think it is much better to take care of database changes manually before starting inprocess server. Thank you

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