When native driver for PostgreSQL, etc...?

I understand that Tms Aurelius uses a dataset based approach (from external libraries like Firedac, Unidac, etc..) for the management of its entities. This clearly leads to higher resource consumption and slower speed than another approach that loads entities directly from the database buffer avoiding the intermediate pass through the dataset. Correct me if I'm wrong.
I understand, however, that access via Aurelius' native driver uses direct access to the database buffer without going through an intermediate dataset.
As promised, then, when will there be native drivers to access other databases such as PostgreSQL, Firebird, Mysql, MariaDB?
Thanks in advance

Hello Stefano,
You are correct. We've been planning to have a native driver for PostgreSQL for some time already, but unfortunately we couldn't allocate enough resources to finish this feature. Still no timeframe, unfortunately.

Out of curiosity, are you having real issues with performance using FireDAC? Is there a concrete reason for willing a native driver for PostgreSQL?

Hi Wagner, I have still no test situation, but I have a big project (italian tax application) that I have to convert and that involve 1000-1500 concurrent users (very intensive) to the webapp.
My test works very well with Mormot, that have a "low-level" and performance approach.
Now I want to test Xdata with Unidac (have better performance that Firedac, sometimes).
It's clear that having a native driverit would make me sleep peacefully and approach data more intensively, relying on better server performance.
Good Job

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