When can EMailLabel and PhoneNumber value be set


I have a PhoneList with code connected to the OnAsyncItemClick.  That
code sets the EMail caption and address for 2 fields and the caption
and Phone number on 2 others field on a region that is not visible
and then sets the region to be visible (and the region with the list
to not be visible).  The captions are correct, when you hover over
2 of the fields they do not show that you can click them and infact the
don't click.  If you refresh the page, you can then hover and click on
all 4 fields. 
What am I missing?   Do I need to do an Invalidate or a refresh of the
fields or the region after setting them?  Is there an order I need to use. 
Can I set them in the Async event or do I need to use the much uglier
OnItemClick instead.
Joseph Gordon


I have not been able to reproduce this issue.

What do you mean exactly by fields? Are these IWLabel or IWLink controls?
Both these controls and the IWiPhoneList support async updating.
It depends on which control you want to update if you can use the OnAsyncItemClick event or if you need to use the OnItemClick.

If the problem persists, please provide a ready to use sample project so I can further investigate this.


The fields are 2 TIWIPhoneEMailLabels and  and 2 TIWIPhonePhoneLabels.
They are on a PhoneRegion where visible is set to false (RenderInvisibleControls
is set to true).  I am setting their Caption and EMailAddress (or PhoneNumber) in the
OnAsyncItemClick event.    I am also Setting the visibility of the Region to true. 
All 4 fields display correctly, but the Href seems not to be bing set.
J Gordon

On what browser do you use these controls? These controls are specifically designed to be used on a mobile device browser. When used on iPhone for example, clicking the label should trigger the phone app or email app.


Since you had not see this before I looked more closely and found that the
label I had to the left of the control was was set with a left and right anchor. 
For some reason this made the label take over the entire width of the
screen over the top of the email field.  So, when you clicked the email you
were actually clicking the label.  If you reloaded the page the email field
is being brought to the front for some reason.
Thanks Again,
J. Gordon

Ok, thanks for informing.