What read current center coordinate

What read current center coordinate from tmsFncMap ?

Please use the async GetCenterCoordinate call. The coordinate is returned in the OnGetCenterCoordinate event.

Unfortunately, the asynchronous option doesn't solve my problem.

I have a route drawn. I add vehicle points to the map along with their ShowPopup descriptions. Unfortunately, each use of ShowPopup changes the setting of the central point of the map, which from my point of view is unacceptable.

I need to remember the coordinates of the map center so that after calling ShowPopup I can restore the map position to the one I expect. Of course, I am satisfied with calling ShowPopup with an additional parameter blocking the change of map coordinates.

Unfortunately this behavior is by design depending on the mapping service used.
Some mapping services will automatically pan the map to make sure the popup is fully displayed.
We'll have to investigate if this behavior can be disabled.
Can you please let me know which mapping service you are using?

Possible alternatives:

I use Google. Unfortunately, I cannot change it to another one. That's why I wanted to remember and recreate the coordinates of the center of the map.

I did not get the response. Please let me know if displaying the popup without moving the map is taken into account.

The functionality to disable the map panning when a Popup is displayed in Google Maps will be available with the next TMS FNC Maps release.