What is the proper way to handle the TMSDEF.INC ?

I am confused about the TMSDEF,INC logic.

I had a working program, then added the FMX grid, and now get a build error (incompatible types Char and AnsiChar) if I try to run it on my PC, which I'm pretty sure is from the TMSDEFIOS.INC.

I have my code in a shared folder on my Mac.

Is there a workaround or do i have to rename the INC file to run on my PC ?


I should add that it builds and runs OK on the IOS side, it's just that i lost running on the Windows side.

The tmsdefsios.inc file only needs to be used when compiling in xcode.

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OK, understood.

I have all my code in a shared folder on the Mac side.
If I rename the TMSDEFSIOS.INC to TMSDEFS.INC, then when i debug in Windows (which I do most debugging in Windows) then I can't compile in Windows.

What I did was make a new copy of TMSDEFS.INC called TMSDEFSWIN.INC and I just have to remember to rename it when I move to XCode to build and test on the device.

I thought maybe there was an easier way using IFDEFs or whatever, but it's not a big deal.