What does ShowAccelerationChar property do?

There is a property ShowAccelerationChar in several controls including TTMSRadioGroup and TMSFNCRadioButton. I don't see this property documented anywhere. I would assume it means I can use a radiobutton text like &MyChoice and the hot key combination of Alt+M would select that item. It doesn't work and also doesn't affect the display of the hot key (it shows the ambersand).

Please help!

Is this in a VCL Windows app you are using this?

I answered this question by email but since I was just asking what it does, if it differs by framework, I'd like to know that too. I can't figure out what it does by experimenting in MultiDevice or VCL. Why not finish up the documentation on the FNC controls? That would reduce your support load and a simple question like this, normally, would be answered by pointing to the documentation (RTFM). As it stands, I'm writing back and forth and not getting much satisfaction.