WebUpdate is downloading old whats new file

I am a registered owner of the TMS Component Pack. I am using the VCL 32bit platform in C++Builder XE4 Pro. I am using WebUpdate 

When I use the event DownloadedWhatsNew to load the whats new file I am getting an old version of the file. I upload a new file using Filezilla and can manually download it and prove the new file is there. But I get the old file in the DownloadedWhatsNew event.  I am using the WebUpdate log file and I am downloading the correct files. Do I need to delete a cache? Why am I getting the old file? 

 TStringList *Reuse6_Mh;

void __fastcall TMainForm::WebUpdate1DownloadedWhatsNew(TObject */Sender/, TStrings *MyText,
  int &/Res/)
  int i=0;

for(i=0; i<MyText->Count; i++){
  Reuse6_Mh->Add( MyText->Strings );


When downloading, we set the necessary options to not cache any downloads.
Can it be you downloaded this file also with a browser? If so, try to clear the cache from the browser.