there is the possibility to implement the function "WebStringGrid1DrawCell" or it will not be possible in the near future.

Under delphi I mainly used the different coloring and formatting of cells, including display of images instead text.

As drawing, this isn't available yet and it is technically also non trivial to do this in TWebStringGrid.
In TWebStringGrid you can use OnGetCellChildren to insert extra HTML elements in a cell or you can use OnGetCellClass to specify CSS per cell to apply different colors.
If you really want a drawing functionality per cell, this is something TTMSFNCGrid offers as TTMSFNCGrid will work also in a TMS WEB Core web client application.


I am now implementing the thing with label.

I've set
Label.Autosize = false
Label.Width = 50

But now it is the case that the width of the label is also adjusted without autosize.
All characters are always displayed, regardless of they have place in Width or not.

what I to do so that the string is cut off at Width 50?

We checked and see it did not cut off the text with just AutoSize = false and we implemented a fix for this that will be included in the next update.

If I add spaces in front or back of a string on a label, these are automatically eliminated.

' WebLabel1 ' -> 'WebLabel1' at runtime

can I turn this off so that these spaces remain?
I need this to get a margin in the label.


It's a HTML behavior. Try to force spaces if you need these with ' '


with #160 + 'Label' it works