WebSocketClient Feature Request

Hello TMS Team,

i tried to use the webSocketClient component to talk with a WebSocketServer using JSON-RPC protocol( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSON-RPC ).

When i connect and send plain text: 
WebSocketClient1.Send('{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "subtract", "params": [42, 23], "id": 1}');
of course the server interprets it as plain text.

So i think i have to put something in the Header or so(e.g. the mime type) that the server understand, that the request is a JSON-RPC command.
By the way, i use the websocket components from https://www.esegece.com/websockets

So my feature request for the future would be ;)
Is it possible to implement JSON-RPC as high-level protocol to your webSocketClient component???

Many thanks for your work and greets from thuringia

WebSockets transfers binary or text messages which content type is application defined.

There is no concept of mime type to set for WebSockets send commands.
Your WebSockets server should normally receive the JSON as text and can parse it from this text. 

Hello Bruno,

you are right, my false ;)

i implemented the provided js scripts/classes of the components as js library and defined a new TMS Web class, which i can use straight forward.

And it works great!

Thanks for confirming!