WebRichEdit Implementation


The TWebRichEdit does not function like the VCL TRichEdit.  It appears the Web Core component interprets HTML instead of Microsoft Rich Text Format (RTF) language.

Am I correct in assuming that the Web Core component interprets the HTML as described in the mini HTML Reference at https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/minihtml.asp?

I am not testing FMX at this time so I need to ask if the FMX RichEdit interprets HTML or RTF?

Our databases contain many CLOB fields with true RTF which can be imported directly from any Microsoft product, especially Microsoft Word.  Are there any plans to implement a RTF RichEdit component?

Thanks, Sidney

TWebRichEdit is based on HTML internally as it maps on a browser editable DIV.

Any HTML that can be used in the browser can be used in this DIV.