WebRequest Issue

I have a very simple WebHttpRequest.

When I execute the WebRequest 1st time via a button onclick, I get back the correct Results:

If I then do the onClick again I get the following Error:

Internal Application Error

No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page


If I execute the same call via POSTMAN, I get the correct results in every Send click.

What does the error mean?

Thank you

I've not experience such issue so far.
Can this be isolated and can you send a sample source project with which we can investigate the issue here?

F4LWebPortal.zip (3.0 KB)

Hello Bruno,

Please find attached the source.
The issue happens when clicking WebButton1Click

Unfortunarly the HTTP call is to my own local server.

Thank you

  1. .dproj file is missing, I can't open this project
  2. is this error client side or server side? I suspect server side?
  3. if server side, what technology is this server side using?

Hello Bruno,

I now would agree with you - the issue looks to be server side.
For testing I put the Json response as a "const" on the web form, this was then processed repeatedly on the web page with no issues.

I'm not sure what you use server side.
In case this is Indy based, maybe this helps (as it concerns the exact same error message):

Thank you Bruno - I will investigate further. The sever side is using embarcaderos TWebModule. it is not an Xdata sever (something I am still trying to get my head around)