WEBLib.TMSFNCStyles Wrong number of parameters .. function Pos

This error message happens to me:
"[Error] WEBLib.TMSFNCStyles.pas(974): Wrong number of parameters specified for call to "function Pos(const String;const String)"
for the Demo: "TMS WEB Core Demos\FNC\CustomControl"
I can't find a solution.
(D 10.2.3 Tokyo, TMS AllAccess, TMS WebCore 1.5.6)
Thank you in advance,

Sorry. This message should be placed in the FNC section.
Please, delete this post here, in this WEB section.

The newest TMS FNC component releases are already adapted to work with TMS WEB Core v1.6.
So, if you want to use this for the web target, use TMS WEB Core v1.6.0.0 beta available on the "My Prooducts" page of all active registered users.