This will not compile for me. What units do I need to add?

Undeclared identifier: 'TjQueryCustomControl'.



I'm sure this is my lack of understanding how this can be used in a web app.

How do I create the TjQueryProgressBar?

This class is defined in WEBLib.Controls.pas

Not sure where you get TjQueryProgressBar from. The class that is in TMS WEB Core is TWebJQXProgressBar and it is on the component palette for a TMS WEB Core application.

From your documentation at the bottom on how to add a TjQueryCustomControl.

At minimum, you will need to create a unit with the code for this TjQueryProgressBar, add it to your project and create an instance of this class to your form.

I was hoping for a bit more help than that. An example would be nice. It doesn't have to be a jquery, a normal js would be nice. You cover it in the manual but it is incomplete.

Well, the whole jQWidgets lib is numerous jQuery controls that are installed on your tool palette and with full source included?

Is it so difficult to give an example?

I'm sorry but I do not understand what you expect.
You can drop a jQWidgets jQuery control on the form just like that. What do you need beyond that?