WEBLib.Controls throwing error?

I have a form that is showing this as an error in the console on Chrome.  It seems to still be working, but just wondered if possibly there's a bug in the code or if there is something I am doing wrong that could be triggering this error.  It's a simple form with two edit boxes and a button.

WEBLib.Controls.pas:3811 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'charAt' of undefined at Object.HandleDoInput (WEBLib.Controls.pas:3811) at HTMLInputElement.cb (rtl.js:217)
HandleDoInput @ WEBLib.Controls.pas:3811
cb @ rtl.js:217

WEBLib.Controls is showing this function as creating the error.  
I am on Web Core

function TControl.HandleDoInput(Event: TJSInputEvent): Boolean;
  c: Char;
  stemp: string;
  //Note: On Android the OnKeyPress event is not triggered.
  //The OnInput event is used instead to trigger the OnKeyPress event.
  if IsAndroid then
    FElementEvent := Event;
    if (eeKeyPress in EventStopPropagation) then

    c := #0;
    if Event.Data <> '' then
      stemp := Event.Data;
      c := stemp[Length(stemp)];    <---Showing Error in Console of Chrome

    Result := True;
    if c = #0 then
    FElementEvent := nil;

Do you have steps to reproduce this?

It is not clear what is causing this. We would really like to inspect Event.Data at the time this happens.

It seemed to be when Chrome was auto-filling the field (it was a login form I had created).  When I came back to the office this morning and started my desktop up, it seems to be working perfectly now.  I'm assuming either restarting the computer or restarting Chrome must have fixed it, but it was a very bizarre problem.  Seems to be functioning now though.  Wild guess is that Chrome cached something because I did upgrade from 1.4.0 -> 1.4.1.

This appeared to be an Android mobile browser specific issue that we addressed now.

The next update will fix this.