WebHTMLContainer rendering HTML

Is it possible to make the WebHTMLContainer render the code put in the property HTML during design time?

At this moment there is no design-time rendering. True design-time rendering is not trivial. We'll investigate deeper for a solution or workaround.

Yes that's true. I guess drawing a dotted border around the control, like you do around TMSFNCHTMLText, and perhaps just displaying the name of the control would make it more friendly.

That is a good idea and that will be the case in the next update.

I have one more question regarding this component. Most visual components have ElementID and ElementClassName which is very helpful for CSS styling. But This component, TWebHTMLContainer, for some reason does not have it, even though <div></div> is being produced.
Is there a reason for this?

It was thought that the DIV was just a placeholder, but indeed, it could also be used to apply CSS to for example, and as such, we have exposed the ElementID, ElementClassName, ElementPosition properties.

That's great news. Thank you.