WebGridPDFIO: Missing data in PDFfile

Hi All,

I have a grid where I set Columntype as ctLink for the leftmost column (Column[0]). In the grid the contents of the cells are then shown as a link, and a click on it, will trigger the OnAsyncLinkClick and the OnLinkClick, depending of which is set. I use that to return the value of the selected cell to the calling part of the program. All very good.

However, when I put a TIWAdvWebGridPDFIO on the form, and call that, the contents of the resulting PDF, whether it is a file on disk, or on screen in the browser, does not contain the column with ctLink as ColumnType. The column is shown but it is empty in all rows.

To get round it I reset ColumnType to ctNormal, before calling TIWAdvWGridPDF1.PDFExport. That way the column contents are exported with the rest of the columns, and the resulting PDF file is fine.

So these are the 4 lines I use in the "Export to PDF file" button event to get it to work:
TIWAdvWebGrid.Columns[0].ColumnType := ctNormal;
TIWAdvWebGridPDF.AdvWebGrid := TIWAdvWebGrid1;
TIWAdvWebGrid.Columns[0].ColumnType := ctLink;

Further to this problem:

It turns out that the problem with missing contents of the columns on the PDF, is not just for columntype's of ctLink. In fact ALL columntype's other than ctNormal, causes the column to be empty on the PDF.

Unfortunately it's currently not supported to export all available column types.
However, this is a good suggestion and we'll consider improving this behavior in a future version.