WebGMaps Geocoding Default Country


We are using the Geocoding lookup but have a query regarding where the default country is being taken from.  

As an example, if I search for "Birmingham" it will locate me with "Birmingham, Alabama" (in the US).  If I am more specific and enter "Birmingham, UK", then it locates the UK version.  - Is there a setting where I can specify the default locale/region to be UK...?

I know I could (in theory), append ", UK" as required; but just wondering if there is a setting I have missed.

Many thanks,

If you refer to WebGMapsLookupEdit, you can use the WebGMapsLookupEdit.LocationBias to set the coordinates in which area Google needs to look for an address lookup.

Great; thanks for the quick response.

This works - and also helped me locate your KB article below (now I know it is locationBias).


Many thanks