WebGMap not launching after upgrading


I've just upgraded WebGMaps from v2.9.9 to v3.1.3 and now WebGMap does not launch any more in my application, just a blank screen.

When I create a new WebGMap project it all works fine.  

Is there anything I have to do in my existing application now I've upgraded WebGMaps in Delphi?  I have deleted the old TWebGMaps object from my application and created a new upgraded one, is there anything else I should do?

I've checked:
- APIkey is the same and works in my test project
- I've turned on the JavaScript debug console and the only error showing is a warning that JavaScript v3.4 is out of date, and this is the same in my test project too




We are not aware of such an issue with TWebGMaps.
Is there a difference between the way you are interacting with TWebGMaps in your application and in your test project?

Thanks Bart for the quick response, I've tried my hardest to make the interactions the same in my test project as in my application... looks like I need to go back and review that.