WebEditAutoComplete with HTML (List Position)


I'm facing to a difficulties I get when using TWebEditAutoComplete.
Everything working fine except the menu list position when using HTML Template
I tried to find a way to use it in a DIV but the position for list of items is always set under the Parent DIV not the DIV of TWebEditAutoComplete

I make a test app using

  1. a Combobox which working fine
  2. a TWebEditAutoComplete DIV itself inside a DIV
  3. a TWebEditAutoComplete DIV itself inside a DIV and again inside a DIV
    Web EditAutoComplete.zip (517.0 KB)

For both cases the TWebEditAutoComplete items list is under the parent DIV

Is there a way to be sure to display the items list on right position ?


The auto complete area DIV is appended to the parent element of the control's outer DIV to make it appear under the control's outer DIV. If you have already added child elements under this parent DIV, it gets appended after these elements, hence what you see.