WebDBMemo problem

As an example to connect a webcore application with a database, i have create a table in an MySQL database with only three fields per record. The first and second file are from the string type, end the third field is an text field. When i connect the browser with my server i recieve  and can view the data in JSON format. In my client app i use WebDBEdits for the first two fields, and a WebDBMemo for the third field. The WebDBEdits are showing the data correctly, but i seen no data in the WebDBMemo. Below you see an example of an record as show in the browser.

$id    1
voornaam    "John"
achternaam    "Nickname"
bijzonderheden@xdata.proxy    "persoon(1)/bijzonderheden"

I connect with the server by using the XDataWebDataSet1, XDataWebConnection1 and  WebDataSource components. For the WebDBMemo i set the following properties:
DataSource := DataModule1.WebDataSource1;
DataField := bijzonderheden

How do have to configure my application so i can see the dat in the WebDBMemo?

The memo (blob) comes as a proxy. You should download the proxy in a subsequent request.

Please refer to this topic: https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=13355.
Alternatively, you can remove the lazy flag from the mapping of bizonderheden field, this will bring the content inline in JSON.
Thanks for your reply.

I am new tor webprogramming, and don't now how to remove the lazy flag from the mapping of bizonderheden field.

You should open the unit that has your entity classes declared, and find the declaration of bizonderheden field. There should be an attribute there with the lazy flag, like this:

  [Column('bizonderheden', [TColumnProp.Lazy])]
  Fbizonderheden : TBlob;

and then you should set it this way:

  [Column('bizonderheden', [])]
  Fbizonderheden : TBlob;

If you still have issues, please paste the declaration of this class here and I will let you know.
Wagner R. Landgraf2019-08-15 12:18:46