WebCore vs. Delphi 10.4.2 IDE quirks

When I open a WebCore project in my Win 10 VM, the only file that gets opened in the IDE is the .DPR file, which I don't really care about most of the time. None of the project files I had opened when I closed the project or IDE re-opened. When I double-click on the form in the project mgr, the form opens, and and the node expands to show the .DFM and .HTML files. Regular Delphi VCL projects work the same way they always did -- reopening the project restores the open files, and double-clicking on the form name in the project mgr opens it but does not expand the node.

One other thing I'm scratching my head over is the Build Events, and specifically the Post-Build Events. They don't seem to work with WebCore. I've never actually used Build Events before this, but for WebCore it seems almost essential because getting audio to play inside of my VM usually only works briefly after I restart the VM. So I need to copy all of the files out to a folder in the host so I can do testing there. That's actually fine b/c I'd rather not have to install a bunch of browsers inside of the VM just for testing since I try to avoid general web access inside of the VM.

I keep Beyond Compare minimized, but I'd like something that lets me configure something with a Copy command to copy newer files over, and then put it in the task bar so I can run it with a single mouse-click ... any suggestons on something that lets me do that would be welcome. (I don't work much with DOS commands these days.)

Finally, when I want to compile a project, whether I select the Compile or Build option, the same files always get built. Is this because of the issues with the webaudio.pas issues that are keeping the code insight and other things from working properly? Will it get fixed in the next update?

  1. We will investigate if we can reopen last opened files
  2. We will investigate support for build events
  3. The pas2js compiler always recompiles all files

My colleague checked this:

  1. With Save Desktop option, last opened files are reopened in the IDE
  2. Build events are working here

hmmm ... ok, thanks. I'll dig further.

Are there any examples of how to set up the Build Events to do basic file copies after the build succeeds? I cannot get anything to work and I'm not sure why.

It should work exactly the same as build events for VCL or FMX applications.

I've never used them, and what I'm doing isn't working. It doesn't seem to be something that would be specific to TWebCore anyway. So I'm asking if there might be any videos anybody knows of that show some simple use cases, like copying files?

Maybe this article is helpful

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