WebCore -- Randomize and RandSeed show up as 'identifier not found'

In the latest WebCore, Delphi (10.4.2) finds Random() but it reports Randomize and RandSeed as 'identifier not found'.

I'm trying to shuffle a long list of things and they're not looking very random after 10 iterations.

Are you sure they are not random? Have you tried doing the same list shuffle in a VCL app to see if that also looks not random?

As and aside there's a great book by Nassim Taleb called 'Fooled by Randomness' which is an educational and entertaining read.

It's really more about the fact that these two methods seem to be missing.

I don't think they are applicable when converted to use the JavaScript randomisation features.

W3 Schools - Randomisation

It returns a pseud-random number. If you want a cryptographically secure on then you would need to use clipperz/javascript-crypto-library

Hmmm ... interesting. Perhaps it would be useful to have them defined even if they don't do anything just to keep the code compatible without requring IFDEFS.

I don't know if you've ever browsed through the TMS WEB Core source code, but there are hundreds of IFDEFs in there... Not a criticism by any means, more just :flushed:

no, but I guess it's not surprising to hear.

In the framework code, most IFDEFS are there for enabling debugging or to keep the LSP happy in Visual Studio Code (for code that pas2js understands but not the LSP).

And it is lovely! Just makes it hard to read sometimes. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: