Webcore & FNC Core

I've just installed TMSFNCCharts, and updated the FNCCore (and FNCMaps) to the latest versions.

Trying to run a VCL demo is fine.

Trying to run any WebCore program (including ones that previously worked) I now get:
[Error] WEBLib.TMSFNCGraphics.General.pas(2291): identifier not found "Gradient"
This refers to: Canvas.Brush.Gradient

Looking in the libraries, I note that the IDE says that TCanvas is not defined. Everything looks OK, just TCanvas.

I rebooted and ran 'Clean'.
The 2 Library Path entries are for:
\TMS FNC Chart
\TMS FNC Chart\Delphi11\Win32\Release

Any help?

You also need to install the latest version of TMS WEB Core.

I didn't do it previously because I was quite sure I'd already done it. I'm getting old.