WebCopy problem


I am using WebCopy to upload a programm installer:

   with WebCopy1.Items.Add do
     FTPHost := 'www.myserver.org';
     FTPUserID := 'myUsername';
     FTPPassword := myPassword';
     protocol := wpFtpUpload;
     targetdir := RemoteDir;
     targetfileName := RemoteInfName;
     Form1.StatusBar1.Panels[0].Text := 'ftp : '+RemoteInfName;
     url := LocalInfName;

If a user tries to download a file, while it is uploaded, he gets a corrupted installer.

So it would be nice either to avoid downloads at upload time or rename the file after successfull upload.

How could this be done?



This is normally a server side config that it should block uploading while a file is in use for downloading.