WebClientConnection security

How can I specify a user and password in a WebClientConnection for a secured webserver?
I don't see any properties for this purpose.

As it isn't secure to deal with username/passwords in Javascript code, there are no such properties. In JavaScript code, this would be readable by everyone.

So, do not store this in code. Let the user authenticate via a login dialog and submit the username/password this way over a HTTPS connection.

My problem is that I want to use the Fetch Fields to get all the fields in the WebClientDataSet. This is at design time. What is the prefered method to do this?

Is there not a popup coming requesting credentials?

Not at all.

We'll need to check that

We checked this and applied an improvement and this improvement will be  included in the next TMS WEB Core update.

When is the next update scheduled?

With no unexpected issues, next week.