WebAccordion URL Link does not work

Are the links in the Accoprion Items meant to work. When I click on the item nothing happens. Using the demo, I am doing this

lList : TWebListControl;
lList := TWebListControl.Create (Self);
lList.ParentElement := APanel.element;
lList.HeightStyle := ssAuto;
lList.WidthStyle := ssAuto;
lList.Style := lsListGroup;
lList.Items.Add.Text := DummyTool0;
lList.Items[0].Hint := HintTool0;
lList.Items[0].AddLink (UrlTool0, blank);
lList.Items.Add.Text := DummyTool1;
lList.Items[1].Hint := HintTool1;
lList.Items[1].AddLink (UrlTool1, blank);

We've seen an issue with this and fixed it. It will be addressed in v1.9.0.0