Web Core - Unit Test Assert Messages & Select Individual test

The assert.istrue and assert.isFalse messages should be fixed. the message Actual and Expected need to be updated in the failure scenarios. The comments below should be clear.

Attached is a minimal sample. WebCore 2.1
WebTestAssert.zip (5.0 KB)

TestAssertIsFalse [Assert Is-False against false]
TestAssertIsFalse [Assert Is-False against true] (Expected = false, Actual = false)
TestAssertIsTrue [Assert Is-True against false] (Expected = false, Actual = false)
TestAssertIsTrue [Assert Is-True against true]

When executing tests if you click on the button "Select None" and then select an individual test to execute, no tests are executed ( the parent above is not checked so I assume itteration stops).
Can an event be modified to select the parent if an inidividual test is selected?

We'll investigate

We applied a fix. Next update will address this.

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