Web Core Live Continuous Scroll


While performing my daily routine of surfing here through the Support Center, I've noticed that when someone is writing in a particular topic that you're currently viewing, you can see at the bottom: 'XXX is replying'. After that user has submitted that reply, the topic gets updated and you can see the reply dropping onto your screen without doing anything. This would be an amazing feature for the TWebContinuousScroll. Can we expect such a feature?

If we can't expect this in the short term, how can I accomplish this myself? Currently in my application, when someone posts something, I'm clearing and fetching the same page again just to show that last post, which is really inefficient and looks noobish imo. I also want to update the data in the already fetched pages every once in a while. So what I want is really a live continuous scroll.

About updating the data, I'm thinking about using a web socket. However, I don't know how to just call the latest item and put it on top of the already fetched items. The items in the pages are descending from new to old.

How can I accomplish this?

Kind regards.

We had not yet such feature on our planning.
At first sight, this indeed seems to imply a use of websockets for the realtime communication of the server to the client.
For getting started with the websocket support in TMS WEB Core, have a look at the chat demo that is based on the use of websockets.